Training the Trainer is a complete guide to develop peer counselors in a mental health facility.

  • The manual outlines a group approach to training peer counselors.
  • The manual describes the programs Nate has developed, including the evolution of the programs.
  • The manual provides insight to advocates, administrators, consumers interested in starting their own program.
  • The manual can be used in schools, with families, and in programs that serve people with other disabilities.

“Nate Rockitter has elavated the art and science of mental health counseling by developing a model geared toward consumer empowerment and skill development. “Training the Trainer” is a comprehensive introduction to the individual and group counseling process. More importantly, this model and the peer counseling model as a whole, successfully empowers mental health consumers to blend practical counseling skills with their personal experience in recovery from mental illness. Honoring both consumer skill and experience is what makes the peer counseling model so successful.”

Julie Holtz MS
Chief Operating Officer BHI

“The knowledge I gain from Training the Trainer continues to heighten my skills as a Peer Specialist. This book is supplied with the ingredients I use to enhance peer recovery and empowerment.”

Carolyn Hall
Peer Specialist

“That’s a great book. Even my mom liked it. To get my mom to look at anything educational is amazing.”

Pam Fisk
Peer Specialist

“Nate Rockitter is both a visionary and a realist. He has taken the idea of peer support in a mental health care setting and committed his time and passion to making it work, step by incremental step. “Training the Trainer” is solidly based in the experiences of those who have actually done it from the ground up and learned from doing. I highly recommend this text to anyone who has an interest in exploring this type of program.”

LeeAnne Merrifield
Director of Consumers Affairs BHI

“I share the vision that people with disabilities, older adults, and Veterans achieve maximum personal independence. In my experience Nate’s program is a prime example of the implementation of that vision.”

Bruce Crain
Accredited Veterans Advocate